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Furniture Acrobatics - Part 1

I've always been known to prefer photographing furniture outdoors for lighting reasons. In public places this can make for awkward glances, etc. But when I then start printing the pieces are acrobats from Cirque de Soleil, then things start to get interesting...

I'll bet these vintage pieces here are thinking, "I'm too old for this @#5$*!".

Chalkboard Dresser: 14 years in the making

Originally built in my formative years while working for Pine Creations in LA, I just 'finished' this dresser today!

The age you see on it is both man and element made. It was built and 'antiqued' by my 19 year old hands then given to my mum for a stint. She recently handed it back (spacial issues nothing personal;) but I let it sit outside for a good 6 months! Of course this was a purposeful strategy to get that greyish sun-aged tone that is nearly impossible to mimic.

So I recently...