My work is part of an age-old tradition that values quality craftsmanship and timeless design that transcends current trends. I build with with a combo of German power tools, vintage shop machines and an eclectic collection of old hand tools. I never rush the process, giving each step the necessary attention it takes to create something truly special. I love to make products are beautifully useful and become part of people's daily lives for years to come... 


Most of our reclaimed materials are sourced directly or through local demolition crews I have befriended. I like telling my clients exactly the story behind the wood. When using new materials, I carefully pick through stacks at my local hardwood supplier, only grabbing the very best pieces. It's really my eyes, rather than my hands, that determine the eventual character and strength of a piece due to this highly selective process. 


I see my clients as friends and collaborators, whose input and satisfaction is highly valued. I appreciate the investment they are making and I love hearing their ideas and plans for my pieces. These personal touches find their way into the work and the end result reflects this. Customer care is high on my priority list, whether it's a small end table or a giant gallery installation.


Monkwood is simply about bringing my creative A-game to every element of the process. 

With Gratitude,

Brandon Monk Muñoz