Brandon Monk Muñoz is an artist and furniture maker based in #Fullerton, California. He was nicknamed 'Monk' by his friends at age 13. Monk designs and builds his pieces with carefully selected American hardwoods. Each piece is created with the client in mind and every measure is taken to insure a long lasting and uniquely beautiful end result that will only get better with age.


Monkwood releases work 4 times a year in January, March, June and September. This seasonal schedule facilitates a consistent quality in the many production processes while allowing the necessary time to collect the best materials for every custom work within it. Each piece in the seasonal batch is given the individual focus required to fine tune every aspect of fit and finish before it ships.


Brandon teaches a small group of apprentices during the building process who help him achieve the unique style and quality Monkwood is known for while also learning some of his peculiar secrets. Monkwood is located within the Magoski Arts Colony, a diverse creative collective which supports the spiritual and business growth of every artist involved. He lives down the street from his studio with his wife Pamela and their 4 children who inspire all aspects of Monkwood every single day.