Skate-able Offices and More

The following pics are technically 2 weeks worth of work. Lots of cool stuff for the forthcoming creative epicenter, "The Vault" in Orange, CA. I'm not the best at blogging and building at the same time, but getting better. Enjoy...

Employing the secret arts of 'bend' all over the place here.

Tabletops done. Now just need to make some places to put things (coming soon).

Here's some other diversions...

Glued 100 pieces of scrap ply together to make this table. Seemed like a good idea at the beginning. (finished pic next time).

Media Room 90% done:

iPad decks getting "broken" in

Concrete table is confirmed to be sittably strong.

Whiteboard wall gets doodled in.

Some spontaneous creation for the room below...

Not your mamas coffee table

Boom boom goes the room!

And finally a 'Pew Renew' for @foundvintagerentals:

A poor broken soul:(

With 60 year old gum even!

"Let us pray".

See ya next week when I attempt an 80's retro standing arcade case for a a modern flatscreen and an Xbox Kinect...

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  • You rock! The pews (along with every other project you have done for me) turned out amazing. Thanks so much, you are very talented!

    • Jeni Maus