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Bad Day Beautiful


My car broke down this morning on the way to do some work. Whilst waiting for the tow truck under a big tree, I began to mope and sulk. Then I noticed the beauty of the tree I was under. If the Creator is able to make things like this then he can get me through days like this too...

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Some Small Biz Picks for Grey Saturday

Yes I know many of you have a retail hangover from yesterday, but I'd like to put a small biz bug in your ear at this time of year.

One of the most practically radical 'protests' one can make these days is simply buying local goods from local vendors. I realize Cheap is King these days, but you'd be surprised how much extra value you can get from getting your gifts from people who've made or chosen their own inventory...

Ode to the Ole' Fireplace

Ever actually roasted chestnuts on an open fire? I highly recommend it, but it takes practice, and of course---an open fire to roast them in...

Maybe I'm just getting a bit nostalgic this time of year or maybe it's the fact that I have 2 fireplace projects in my shop right now, but I decided to 'pen' a few thoughts on the fireplace mantle and what it means...

Steampunk Inspiration

[gallery] Last Saturday I checked out the steampunk exhibit at Muzeo in Anaheim, CA. I highly recommend it whether your into the craze or not.

It's a very well curated and informative expo w/ art, props, fashion and even bios of authors and works that inspired the steampunk ideals: 'What if' society and technology just played out a little bit differently...?





Furniture Acrobatics - Part 1

I've always been known to prefer photographing furniture outdoors for lighting reasons. In public places this can make for awkward glances, etc. But when I then start printing the pieces are acrobats from Cirque de Soleil, then things start to get interesting...

I'll bet these vintage pieces here are thinking, "I'm too old for this @#5$*!".