From the Studio

Sun Tanned and Ready

Heres a few finished pics of my new poplar version of the California Coffee Table. Since its the first week of summer it's perfect time to show what sun tanned wood can look like;)

It's first home is at SMOG Records headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. Now available in the shop in the Monkwood Shop on Etsy

California Cookie Cutting

For my new line of California Coffee Tables I needed a good standard template that I will use to hand cut many new versions of this design from various types of wood. The original reclaimed version above was a bit too big for many living spaces + I need to maximize how much I can squeeze out of 1 sheet of plywood for more modern looking versions of the design.

I employed a bit of old and new school...

Giant Vintage Wall Display

Had a fun design and display challenge assigned to me by
Found Vintage Rentals in Fullerton. They just moved into a beautiful new warehouse and needed a cool (and utilitarian) display for the many clients that will come.

So here it is before...

And here it is afters...

It's always fun at Found;)

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A Trailer in the True Sense of the Word

Back in day, movie trailers came out after the film was released; hence la palabra 'trailer'. Now they come out 2 years before;) so really there all teasers...

Anyways...just realized I never shared the Teaser Video from my ReCreation Exhibition in spring.

Well even though it's over it'll 'tease' you if you never got to see it;)

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New Studio Table

Here's a preview of our new Music Studio table design. It's based off the Ceasar Dining Table w/ poplar top and steel legs.

It has 12 rack spaces and a slide out midi keyboard shelf. And lots of room on top.

In the midst of finalzing all the details of size and price. Will be position doin in the Etsy shop...

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