From the Studio

Shop Secrets: The Drill Gauge Dust Fan

Today I'm sharing a legendary shop secret that I use at least a few times a week. I forget who and where I attained this golden tip, but I know it's used around the world. My hunch is that an inventive Mexican thought of this;)

Whenever there is a need to drill a certain depth you can either use the (guessing) force or go out an buy a drill press. Here's and ingeniously cheap solution that only requires a slice of tape.


Ceasar Dining Tables

Just planted the first of my new line of table designs at City Life in Brea, CA. It is a dining table made of 'sun tanned' poplar with steel lags that I decided to call the Ceasar.

It's named after my amigo who commissioned it first as a custom order last summer. He wanted something that looked and felt like, "the Last Supper if it was in Manhattan". I love design challenge riddles like that. So we carefully chose some...

ReCreation Closing Ceremony @PÄS Gallery

So my first art expo was an adventure and a half! To conclude this chapter of the saga, we're having a TGIF closing fiesta mañana. Come out anytime from 7-10pm @ 223 W Santa Fe Ave Fullerton‎, CA‎ 92832. In the heart of Downtown Fullerton. Tacos, pizza, music and ReFRESHments provided. You bring the good time eh;)

Here's some pics of the expo. I've built plenty of seating;)

Piles of Potentialities


I guess you had to be there;)
P45 P49 P42 P43 P47 P41 P44

Here's to Brown Gold!

Strange Shapes for a Tattoo Shop

Here's a quick look at the work I'm doing for the new Inkling Tattoo in Orange, CA. Counters, wood wall tops, drafting desks, and a saloon door that oils like a light bulb.

Makes for a very interesting week..,