The Process Principle

In our current culture of "get it cheap - get it fast - get it BIG - then get the upgrade" it's hard to avoid the perpetual feeling of lagging behind somehow. Or maybe I'm just the only one who has issues with the time it takes to finish things?

One of the biggest hindrances to getting this site started was my false perception that I needed to have 'this and that' done first, before I can show it to the world. I finally realized that 'this and that' will always be there. No matter how hard I try to squash them like that gopher game at Chuck E Cheese's™ (the grown up version of this game is called Email Inbox).

The battle to simply enjoy the creative process is one of my biggest struggles at the moment. That dry barren desert between the before and after photo. The place where many mistakes are made along with new discoveries. Some of my wildest ideas came while toiling away on an old one. I sincerely believe that finishing is a great and noble thing, but I don't want accomplishment to be my sole source of life satisfaction .

The personal pressure of just getting through the week with some money in the bank and a little food on the table can be less of a motivator and more of a terminator:  a T-2000 Terminator aiming a sawed-off shotgun at the joy and peace of that can be found within the unrushed beauty of everyday life. I hate being the dad that looks at his watch or sends an email while my inquisitive son is asking something very important. While my mind struggles to care how many stripes a tiger has, to him it's a matter of life or death urgency!

Us grown ups must constantly trudge through the treacherous valley of deadlines and bottomlines, but remember there is a mountain view perspective you can climb to anytime of the day. In fact why don't you climb up there right now and look down at little poor you and all that weight on your shoulders. Huffin', puffin', gruntin' and sweatin'.  Now YELL down to yourself, to b r e a t h e   a little deeper and pray a little harder cause that finish line you see right around the corner is the actually the starting point for (you guessed it) another process.

So whether you are in-between piles of laundry or starting the 2nd week of a 6-month fitness overhaul. Make an oath to yourself to enjoy step 3 as much as step 333. Who's keeping score anyway?


See you at the finish line...

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