From the Studio — Creative Philosophy

Why I Make Tables


Early this year I made a decision to focus my creative time and energy into designing one particular thing: tables. Why tables? Out of all the crazy, cool more interesting things one can make? Here's  3 reasons why...

Tables are simple.

Tables are communal.

Tables are timeless.

Yes, there are many exceptions to these 3 rules, but those aren't the kind of tables I'm interested in making. I love building...

Piles of Potentialities


I guess you had to be there;)
P45 P49 P42 P43 P47 P41 P44

Here's to Brown Gold!

Strange Shapes for a Tattoo Shop

Here's a quick look at the work I'm doing for the new Inkling Tattoo in Orange, CA. Counters, wood wall tops, drafting desks, and a saloon door that oils like a light bulb.

Makes for a very interesting week..,

El Golden Basketball Hoop

Ever wonder what to do with that spare clunky piece of plywood sitting in the garage? Well, when you have two boys who love basketball and it's Christmas, the answer is clear. If you build it they will jump!

So after finding a nice solid steel hoop at Goodwill, it was time to alchemize these humble materials into gold, literally.

Secret Weapon Número Uno: the No. 2 Pencil


Whenever an idea hits the brain I grab one of these. Even when there is no inspiration whatsoever, I find that moving one of these around for a few minutes is like stirring a settled soup. Thoughts, feelings, limitations (ingredients) blend into something that begins to make sense. If it doesn't, a little therapeutic sharpening always helps;)