4 Hands Are Better than 2

I thought I'd post some recent collaborations with my creative partner in crime/wifey Pamelove Muñoz. Not only is she my eagle-eyed quality control inspector, she has an almost supernatural gift for finding pricey vintage treasures at next to nada! Then she makes even cooler stuff with it.

This summer she has been hard at work making things for our daughter's 1st birthday party. We having many projects in the works, tables, tents, cake stands etc...but here are a few that have have been recently been deemed done...

I made this scrap wood valentine for Pamela back in Feb. Cheap but priceless eh;) It had been used as a home decoration and even hot plate in the kitchen! Until one day...

My oldest son was up early before everyone (a time he usually gets into 'mischief of one kind or another'). He saw some topless vintage table legs that Pamela recently acquired for only 100 pennies. I guess he thought something was missing, so he plunked the heart slab on top of the legs and just went on to something else. When a drowsy Pamela woke up later she was showering me with compliments on what a great idea I had. "What idea?" I then looked and thought we had been visited by the Furniture Fairy, but when our fairy was interogated he eventually confessed to his design crime...and was rewarded with praise of course! He'll get royalties if someone orders some, but I think this one is a keeper.


Here's some photo's form an impromptu shoot Pamela and I did which incorporated her vintage book and fabric finds. She just finished the pillow covers, fabric font banner + felted crown and was excited to put something together. The bed was an estate sale treasure and the small restored table was my grandmother Lucy's---whom our little vintage princess was named after.

We hid a lemon behind the book to get her to reach, but don't worry we had a safety crew ready and very anxious just off camera;)

She got the lemon.

One year down. Wonder what's next...

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  • I can’t believe I got a sewing machine after you guys left! A Pamela tutorial would be awesome – I love the pillow covers and the banner (and the huge pile of books too :)).

    And, I can’t believe how big Luciana is now – she is such a cutie!

    Miss you guys.

    • LondonHeather
  • Thanks guys,

    It’s a gift and a curse to see potential in so many things in junk. But it’s cool when we see patience pay off when things finally come together.

    • admin
  • Wow! You guys are so creative and create such amazing and unique things. Love the pictures if Luciana so cute.

    • Crystal