From the Studio — Photography

Bad Day Beautiful


My car broke down this morning on the way to do some work. Whilst waiting for the tow truck under a big tree, I began to mope and sulk. Then I noticed the beauty of the tree I was under. If the Creator is able to make things like this then he can get me through days like this too...

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Steampunk Inspiration

[gallery] Last Saturday I checked out the steampunk exhibit at Muzeo in Anaheim, CA. I highly recommend it whether your into the craze or not.

It's a very well curated and informative expo w/ art, props, fashion and even bios of authors and works that inspired the steampunk ideals: 'What if' society and technology just played out a little bit differently...?





Vintage Farm Table

This week I had the pleasure of cranking out another custom farm table for the ├╝ber creative, Found Vintage Rentals. The wood was carefully selected from the dwindling stockpile of our pal Jim, the west coast's king of salvaged lumber. He has a 30 year collection of old growth wood from demolished houses. Now I get to turn it into sweet stuff like this...

Treehouse Memories


Found these pics of a summertime treehouse exhibit in Regents Park London. It was a very inspirational experience for our kids and more so for Honey and I.

The tree houses and installations around the place we're amazing. There was even a little living room area where you could write old school letters and they would send them for you! The atmosphere was very Sunday chill and people were just sitting around reading, talking, picnicking, playing and the occasional hippie was dancing to the...

R I D E Exhibition Opening

I was asked to build some ramps for the R I D E exhibition at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA. The curator happened to be my cousin, the very talented and visionary Elle Seven. She had a very clear idea that this wouldn't be you're average cheese and wine art opening. She wanted some drama and excitement to go with the work, so why not let people 'ride' inside the gallery. Yes there were some obvious safety issues to consider, but danger always = fun right?