Knolling with the Punches

I don't know about you, but the ideal me is ultra-organized and super-efficient at any given moment. But I can easily fall into that sneaky trap where I'll arrange my desk or workshop for hours without getting anything done.

I recently learned a really quick and cool organization method called 'knolling' from a short documentary on multi-media sculpture Tom Sachs directed by The Selby. Tom describes knolling as "putting like objects together in parallel or perpendicular fashion as a means of organization". Very simple indeed. Here's one of my first 'knolls'...


Yes, it can be quite addictive and ultimately distracting, but the visual therapy is extremely therapeutic for a scatterbrain like me. My workspace can easily go into chaos mode, where I spend more time looking for tools than using them.  Look what I found to knoll right here...

Don't hate on my lucky driving glove;) Just showing you can break the 'like' objects rule if needed. I'm even training my kids and telling them it's a game;)

So I dare yo to try it with your make up, cutlery, office supplies, etc. Then after you've knolled yourself to blackbelt status you can try something like this...


Some 'holy knolling' from and old piano makers toolkit. Makes you want to bow or something:/ This pic was taken from the Things Organized Neatly blog on Tumblr, an oasis for fellow or wannabe OCDers. All in all, I sincerely  hope this little tip helps more than it hurts;)

Love me.

PS Here's the Knollmaster himself so you can thank or get mad at him for showing me the knolling light (lesson found at 1:40)

Tom Sachs, A Selby Film from the selby on Vimeo.


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