Fun With Fonts

So I was drawing out a design for a custom desk for my old friend (who's nickname is T-money) and he says, "I want it extra fresh Monk. Go Big. Can you do like a T in old english on the side?"

Whether he was joking or not, I probably shouldn't have called his bluff. But when challenge is presented I almost have this instant reaction on most occasions...

"Yeah Sure! Why not?"

It's not that cutting fonts are the hardest thing in the world to cut. But as any graphic designer knows, if you don't execute fonts right. It ruins everything.

So I took on the risk of ruining the whole desk if I didn't get just the right size, shape, thickness, wood grain and placement. An old e "T" is easy enough to draw, but making for hand-made ones aint no piece of cake! So here goes...

So I decided on a hybrid of classic Old English and the New York Times font. I also simplified a few embellishments for the sake of the wood. Hairline serifs do not translate well on arbor.

Then I cut 16 separate pieces needed for 4 T's total.

Then sanded them all caressably smooth;)

Then I got distracted a bit with the possibilities of the shapes themselves;)

Like a Rock.

Then my distraction masterpiece got blocked by my stupid finger! Oh well...

Then I put everything in it's right place. Doesn't look like a project killing typeface (I hope). When I finish the desk I'll show the whole thing...

Adios Amigos.

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