Turning the Tables on a Table

On a recent (and infrequent) jog around the block I found an abandoned glass table sitting outside an apartment building. I deemed it restorable and returned within the hour in our Pickermobile to snatch it up quick style.

After some imaginary painting in my head I decided to go with a simple (and easier to sell) vintage white finish. It's a very solid unit in great condition. But just like any piece of furniture, when the owner lacks vision, the piece will perish.

So here's how I did it...

As with most renewals, it all starts with sandpaper. Start with 60grit for rough edges - then 100 for general surfaces - then 220/320 for that prepaint smoooooothness.

Then I'll use a good primer like Kilz or Bullseye to prep the wood....sand again with 220...then it's time for some white lacquer. You could use white paint, but lacquer is just stronger. And I'm sure you've noticed that this isn't an ECO friendly post today:/

Then I go for the 'aging sand' with 6o grit paper on the corners. I try to 'spin' my wrist so it's looks less scratchy sand marks and more like authentic dents. Also notice in the last pic how I place my thumb to create pressure points in order to fine tune the scratches. Yes, you can't just scratch your way to vintage beauty, it takes some ninja finesse ( and lots of mistakes) to get it right. Now for the glaze...

I concoct a mixture of dark brown paint and acrylic clear coat to about 1:2 ratio in order to get a believable and subtle patina in all the cracks and scuffs. I'll apply it with a brush and make sure I get in all the nooks and crannies before wiping it away with a water soaked rag. If you want a more drastic brown then wipe with a paper towel cause it leaves more of the brown behind.

But just like the sanding this takes some quick wristed finesse to get a good look in before the glaze starts to get tacky. Don't worry if you don't get it right. If it gets blotchy, just wipe, sand, repaint the blotchy parts and then reglaze with a new determination! I even messed up a spot and this one and had to follow that very advice.

Just when I though it was done I remembered the awesome spray paint stains I needed to scrap off:(
And when I just about stopped having fun it was complete. I got to stand back and enjoy this little re-sellable re-creation.

And how much did I get it for again?

Hope this was helpfulish;)
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