Ceasar Dining Tables

Just planted the first of my new line of table designs at City Life in Brea, CA. It is a dining table made of 'sun tanned' poplar with steel lags that I decided to call the Ceasar.

It's named after my amigo who commissioned it first as a custom order last summer. He wanted something that looked and felt like, "the Last Supper if it was in Manhattan". I love design challenge riddles like that. So we carefully chose some poplar due to it's economy friendly price. I also told him that this 'paint grade' wood actually goes from green to golden brown when tanned under the sun for a day. Lets say he and his wife just trusted me;)

Before the sun...


I put alot of thought into the underside of the table to make it sturdy and beautifully too.

It has now been one of my favorite table designs to make so I decided to make it an official product, something this custom order veterano is very new at. Go check it out at City Life in Brea or our Etsy Shop The prices are the same after shipping. Custom sizes available too.

I can't wait to make more...

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