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How to Build and Anti-gravity // Inception-style Skate Ramp

My boy Jacob from Think Tank Gallery in LA called me about their upcoming show "Dude, Monsters!" and said they needed an 'out of the ordinary' installation related to skating. We soon came up with the simple question to guide the design..."What if Savador Dalí and MC Escher decided to go skating together in a dream? What ramp would they use?" Here's what we came up with...

After making skate-able gallery ramps for the RIDE show last year...

A Trailer in the True Sense of the Word

Back in day, movie trailers came out after the film was released; hence la palabra 'trailer'. Now they come out 2 years before;) so really there all teasers...

Anyways...just realized I never shared the Teaser Video from my ReCreation Exhibition in spring.

Well even though it's over it'll 'tease' you if you never got to see it;)

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ReCreation Closing Ceremony @PÄS Gallery

So my first art expo was an adventure and a half! To conclude this chapter of the saga, we're having a TGIF closing fiesta mañana. Come out anytime from 7-10pm @ 223 W Santa Fe Ave Fullerton‎, CA‎ 92832. In the heart of Downtown Fullerton. Tacos, pizza, music and ReFRESHments provided. You bring the good time eh;)

Here's some pics of the expo. I've built plenty of seating;)

Steampunk Inspiration

[gallery] Last Saturday I checked out the steampunk exhibit at Muzeo in Anaheim, CA. I highly recommend it whether your into the craze or not.

It's a very well curated and informative expo w/ art, props, fashion and even bios of authors and works that inspired the steampunk ideals: 'What if' society and technology just played out a little bit differently...?





R I D E Exhibition Opening

I was asked to build some ramps for the R I D E exhibition at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA. The curator happened to be my cousin, the very talented and visionary Elle Seven. She had a very clear idea that this wouldn't be you're average cheese and wine art opening. She wanted some drama and excitement to go with the work, so why not let people 'ride' inside the gallery. Yes there were some obvious safety issues to consider, but danger always = fun right?