R I D E Exhibition Opening

I was asked to build some ramps for the R I D E exhibition at Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, CA. The curator happened to be my cousin, the very talented and visionary Elle Seven. She had a very clear idea that this wouldn't be you're average cheese and wine art opening. She wanted some drama and excitement to go with the work, so why not let people 'ride' inside the gallery. Yes there were some obvious safety issues to consider, but danger always = fun right?

It was a great night with some choice art from various RIDE subcultures like skating, fix wheel bikes, roller derby, low rider bicycles and more.

It's all on display until years end---so go check it out if in the area. Here's some shots of the set-up and opening night. Enjoy...

Three truck loads in the pouring rain no less.

Apache Skateboards founder Douglas Miles, getting his sketch and stencil on all over the place.

Thats more like it;)

Curator, Elle Seven

No longer new innit!

Big Thanks to all involved! Especially my cuz, Elle Siete - the Grand Central staff - and of course my new buddy Brad who helped me assemble the Oaken Beast. I'm gonna bring my BMX down here later and shred...

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