From the Studio — pallets

Giant Vintage Wall Display

Had a fun design and display challenge assigned to me by
Found Vintage Rentals in Fullerton. They just moved into a beautiful new warehouse and needed a cool (and utilitarian) display for the many clients that will come.

So here it is before...

And here it is afters...

It's always fun at Found;)

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A Trailer in the True Sense of the Word

Back in day, movie trailers came out after the film was released; hence la palabra 'trailer'. Now they come out 2 years before;) so really there all teasers...

Anyways...just realized I never shared the Teaser Video from my ReCreation Exhibition in spring.

Well even though it's over it'll 'tease' you if you never got to see it;)

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Free Christmas Tree: The Hard Way

In days of old, you could take a walk to the nearest woods - chop down a nice tree - then take it back to the homestead for decorating. This year I did a 21st century twist on this ancient technique that makes the old way seem almost convenient.

I made a tree out of old shipping pallets...

Oh the possibilities (and danger) that lurk within a stack of these...