Free Christmas Tree: The Hard Way

In days of old, you could take a walk to the nearest woods - chop down a nice tree - then take it back to the homestead for decorating. This year I did a 21st century twist on this ancient technique that makes the old way seem almost convenient.

I made a tree out of old shipping pallets...

Oh the possibilities (and danger) that lurk within a stack of these beauties!

After many futile attempts with a hammer, I had to resort to more barbaric strategies in order to pull them apart. These pallets were filled with thick rusty nails that fought me the whole way. But I was armed with goggles, gloves, and 2 tetanus shots worth of bad memories in order to keep me humble and very careful as I broke them to my liking.

Then they were ready for flocking...

Using a 6 in roller and some white paint, I gave each plank a quick roll on one side and let the edges be rough to show some wood. Different colors and more paint could be used for different results. Next year I'm thinking rainbows;)

Last (and very needed) rusty nail check before assembling it inside.

The fun and ultra-difficult part was assembling it while involving the kids---safely! It takes much longer, "but these are treasured memories that won't fade easily", I tell myself in my best Morgan Freeman voice.

Ok let's decorate...


When all is said, screwed and done I can sit back and share the same feeling that the old lumberjacks had after dragging a 8ft pine up from the creek 2 miles away in a snowstorm (or that's just what I tell myself;) Yes, crazy ideas are free, but the time, work, thrill factor and shared experience are (cough) priceless;)

Mucho thanks to Found Vintage Rentals for the vintage pallet hook up! Also thanks to my better, patient half for letting these hair brained schemes fly.

But I almost forgot the best part.

Just look underneath or peak through the center...

The tree has a heart. Our first ever ornament.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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