From the Studio — Woodwork

Chalkboard Dresser: 14 years in the making

Originally built in my formative years while working for Pine Creations in LA, I just 'finished' this dresser today!

The age you see on it is both man and element made. It was built and 'antiqued' by my 19 year old hands then given to my mum for a stint. She recently handed it back (spacial issues nothing personal;) but I let it sit outside for a good 6 months! Of course this was a purposeful strategy to get that greyish sun-aged tone that is nearly impossible to mimic.

So I recently...

Door of the Dead


Just put up this plywood door frame for La RevoluciĆ³n in Downtown, Fullerton CA. There having a Dia de Los Muertos festivals this week in conjunction with Carpe Diem. Go check it out if your in So Cal.

I usually stray away from Halloween type stuff, but I guess I justified this one for my secret desire to do something that had a nod to Jack Skellington. My teenage animated hero:/

Fun With Fonts

So I was drawing out a design for a custom desk for my old friend (who's nickname is T-money) and he says, "I want it extra fresh Monk. Go Big. Can you do like a T in old english on the side?"

Whether he was joking or not, I probably shouldn't have called his bluff. But when challenge is presented I almost have this instant reaction on most occasions...

"Yeah Sure! Why not?"

It's not that cutting fonts are the hardest thing in the world...

Carpenter's Like Logos Too

While we don't have super powers, we have power tools!

Here's a glimpse at my anti-Adobe logo making process for a new leather-bound portfolio I'm working on. I want the end result to look like I stole it from Gandalf the Grey...

Found the metal from and old toilet ring:/

I then added a little muriatic acid to rust...

Honey Do's in Reclaimed Lumber

You ever heard the old saying, "The shoemaker's children have holes in their shoes"?

Well I do what I can to defy that saying. So consider this post my protest and documentation that my better half does get to reap the benefit of being married to a carpenter.

Our daughter's 1st birthday was quickly approaching and we needed some good outdoor entertaining furniture. So instead of renting plastic folding tables and...