Bye Bye Borders. May You R.I.P.

You may soon discover that I have many sideshow interests that inspire my work in peculiar ways. One is my intense fascination with cast off technologies or objects/entities that have been discarded by society. I've been known to photograph old T.V's or furniture laying in the street or rows of old VCR's in a thrift store. I'm basically a Culture Vulture, feeding of what's been left for dead by everyone else. I still see value in the worthless and wonder "What could I make with this?" It makes me start guessing where this consumer coaster is headed.

We can learn a lot about us homo sapiens by what we DON'T care about.

This particular article hits closer to home because I will be documenting the end of Border's Books in Brea, CA. It was once a pre-millenium/pre-Internet haven for me to discover what kind of ideas lived outside the creative brick walls of Orange County. As a teenager I tucked many an art book under my T-Shirt to store in my stolen collection of info and inspiration in my room. I did actually confess my serial shoplifting crimes in the stores 'farewell book'. I also wrote that I later learned to pay for books and thanks for the great memories.

I came into the store thinking I could come up on some fixtures that I could tweak or transform, but for whatever reason I just took pics instead. Please note that any sarcastic or light hearted commentary below is really just a coping mechanism for me to fight back the tears. I do realized many people are now out of work and many more have nowhere to go and browse piles of books and mags while they sip a coffee, never buying a thing (except for the coffee).

So is this the formal funeral for the printed book? Only time will tell (that the answer is yes).

Farewell Big B, my old generous friend. These photos are just my way of saying you mattered...

Not for books evidently.

You can tell a lot by what's left for leftovers...This one used to reside in the horror section.

Ok I'll be nice and let the picture do the commentary for the above;)

Ok who let the programmers design the book cover?

I still remember how impressed I was when someone pulled out one of these in broad daylight.

Farewell my old amigo...

Borders - Brea , CA

Born 1996 - Died 2011

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