Thinking it Through @ The Think Tank, LA

I was recently asked to provide an art installation for a street photography exhibit called You Are Here @ the new Think Tank Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. The photographers were given actual coordinates where they could take their photos. As for me I was given a $200 budget to buy whatever supplies I could from the shops square block that the gallery is located. Since it's the LA fashion district, there was lots of random fabric and random chinese products to choose from.

What I relied more on though, was what I could fine or borrow from the back alleys and bins. Here's some process pics of my experience. I'll post pics of my installation after the Opening at Art Walk tonight.

The space I have to work with and "in". Lots of renovation going on.

Getting my shop on. Will have a video of it soon...

Last known pic of the Dust Monkeys (my shop compadres) the middle on got smashed when I hit a curb. They all fell out. RIP homie.

Getting my smash on with this found stage looking thing in the alley. Much of the wood was used for the sculpture.

This shirt is a memento to my creative philosophy.

Here's a look at my art supplies...

Giant ice cream cone anyone?

I convinced them to let me bust this hole into the ceiling to add some drama, but of course I had to agree to fix it;)

Finished product shots mañana...

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