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Library Drawer Cab Conversion

Check out this crazy conversion of our severely mis-used vintage library cabinet. With no labels, things just got stuffed (and lost) within it cavernous drawers. As we are fixing up our home office/studio we wanted this thing to do what it was born to do: organize (and look good doin it).

As many good ideas begin, this one started over a heated argument on how to bring this thing back to life. I was ready to...

Coffee Table Makeover

Been working on some cool projects over at Found Vintage Rentals in Fullerton, CA. The owner, Jeni, is known for seeing hope in the hopeless, as far as furniture goes.

So with the help of my new HVLP sprayer and some salvaged tin from a burned down night club, we flipped this boring brown table into a really cool centerpiece for a little drinks and conversation;)

Here's how it went...

Brown beginnin's

Elfin' Around

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring--except for 2 crazy parents who decided to make a bunch of gifts this year!

We set aside some time the week before Christmas to make some handmade creations for our kids and familia. But as things go, Honey and I will be burning the midnight oil to get these things done by sun up Christmas day:/ Here's a glimpse at our elvish ways. We will be posting up the finished products...

Free Christmas Tree: The Hard Way

In days of old, you could take a walk to the nearest woods - chop down a nice tree - then take it back to the homestead for decorating. This year I did a 21st century twist on this ancient technique that makes the old way seem almost convenient.

I made a tree out of old shipping pallets...

Oh the possibilities (and danger) that lurk within a stack of these...

Chalkboard Dresser: 14 years in the making

Originally built in my formative years while working for Pine Creations in LA, I just 'finished' this dresser today!

The age you see on it is both man and element made. It was built and 'antiqued' by my 19 year old hands then given to my mum for a stint. She recently handed it back (spacial issues nothing personal;) but I let it sit outside for a good 6 months! Of course this was a purposeful strategy to get that greyish sun-aged tone that is nearly impossible to mimic.

So I recently...