Library Drawer Cab Conversion

Check out this crazy conversion of our severely mis-used vintage library cabinet. With no labels, things just got stuffed (and lost) within it cavernous drawers. As we are fixing up our home office/studio we wanted this thing to do what it was born to do: organize (and look good doin it).

As many good ideas begin, this one started over a heated argument on how to bring this thing back to life. I was ready to give it the 1 hour quick fix with a bright color my paint handy dandy spray gun, but Pamela fiercely defended the grey stain "3 day extreme" make over. Remember we're talking 60 drawers here!

After throwing hands and spray gun up. I retreated with a , "You go guuurrl!"

And there she went...

And here it is! Thanks to Lowe's for providing paint chips in perfect 6 part color transitions just for this piece;)

Email or tweet us if you need any advice (or help) flipping and old piece of yours.

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